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Disability Awareness Week

Disability is not a 'brave struggle' or ‘courage in the face of adversity’. Disability is an art. It’s an ingenious way to live.

Flash Mob for Disability Awareness

12:20pm @ Red Square

Every Body Freeze, Now is a collaborative project to raise disability awareness by gathering a diversity of people (of varying ability, race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, and allies), flooding Red Square, and freezing in unison. Integral aspects of the flash mob will be voice description, ASL interpretation and Braille translations of campus signage to raise awareness of access as well as different ways of perceiving and experiencing Red Square, a public common space. The aim is to create an accessible and inclusive event, drawing attention to disability and other forms of diversity on campus. Stopping people in their tracks, the event invites the passers-by to rethink diversity, the built environment, and dominant ways of processing information. 

See the website for more information & how to get involved:

For more information, please contact Ann Luetzow (

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